Hot Flushes Research Study

Take part in research to develop a non-hormonal medication for the heat-related symptoms of menopause.

Help make a valuable contribution to menopause research by taking our survey now.

You may be eligible if:

  • You are between the age of 40-65
  • You have reached menopause
  • You get frequent hot flushes with sweating

More Information

Sponsored by Sojournix

CPS Research is the premier clinical research company in the UK. We’ve been recruiting participants to take part in clinical trials in the Glasgow area for 32 years, since 1988.

Hot Flushes Research Study

Many women suffer hot flushes as a common symptom of menopause due to reduced levels of the hormone oestrogen in the body. ‘Cool down and carry on’ may help once in a while when you are not keeping up with a busy life, but persevering with troublesome symptoms isn’t the only option.

CPS Research is conducting research sponsored by Sojournix, Inc. into the development of a new medication for hot flushes in menopause and we are looking for women like you who are affected by this condition.

This study is looking at a new non-hormonal alternative medication aimed at reducing those bothersome symptoms of hot flushes.

If you have experience of this condition and would be interested in taking part, please complete our online survey. At the end you will be asked to leave your contact details to allow our nurse team to call and discuss your suitability and the study in more detail. Thank you for taking the time to consider assisting with this research.